Diesel from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

After our beloved Rotti X passed away in Sept 15, it wasn't long before we knew that our home and family was not complete without the amazing companionship of a dog. So we started looking for another Rotti or Rotti X and Dogs Trust, Kenilworth came up trumps with finding a suitable friend. As soon as we met Diesel and spent a little bit of time with him in his kennel, we knew he was going to be fantastic, so we wasted no time in finalising details and arranging to re-home him. After his previous busy home with young children, ours is a more quiet, routine household, so Diesel took a couple of weeks to get used to the changes. But he is now fully settled and there is already a terrific bond between Diesel and our family. We LOVE taking him for all his walks and sharing our family with him. He was a big part of our Christmas celebrations (including helping himself to the left-over lamb and turkey - our fault!! Doh!!) and Diesel is enjoying the countryside and beaches around us, whilst chasing the ball which is his absolute favourite pastime...... apart that is, from sitting on our laps and giving us cuddles!! We're so pleased with Diesel and his reaction to us tells us that he is very happy in his new home. A match made in heaven - well, Somerset, which is close to heaven!! Thanks Dogs Trust, Kenilworth for all your support and help.