Farley from Canterbury

In 2011, my mum took me to see Farley at the rehoming centre in Canterbury. Farley was only 2 at the time and I was only 11. He was quite nervous, shy and anxious around people. Farley soon trusted our family and was quick to learn whatever he was taught . He fit in like a part of the family, giving everyone un conditional love. In 2014, my sister had a baby boy. We were all unsure as to how Farley would cope with this, but he loved Isaac and was unfazed by him. He would lie there calmly while Isaac played and became protective of him. Farley was the perfect dog. He was always there for a cuddle when you were sad, and loved going for long walks in the woods and swimming in the sea, getting his fur muddy. I'm so glad we found him. Unfortunately earlier this year Farley got a sudden tumour and had to be put down. I miss Farley so much. a part of our family is missing.