Lucy from Darlington

In 2012 my family decided to adopt a dog, we spent a long time deciding and it was the best decision my family has ever made. When we first got Lucy (we adopted her on the 27/01/2012) she was overly skinny, frail and could not run very far but after a hard first month, due to Lucy being very stressed, worried and rejective of any love and care given, she finally settled in. After this it has been completely onwards and upwards and every single day I love her even more. She has honestly become one of my life's biggest happiness'. After a while of being fed properly she gained enough to get back to a healthy weight, and now she definitely has a little chub which is a massive improvement since we got her. When I first saw Lucy in Dogs Trust Darlington I instantly knew that she would be the one for us, despite my parents having doubt as she was still quite young at only 2 years old. Her love for life has grown and her love of tennis balls emerged after a couple of months, after she refused to touch any other toys. As I am writing this my family's gorgeous Jack Russell cross is snuggled into my lap, waiting for snacks. Saving Lucy from her old life was the absolute best decision we could have made and I would recommend adopting a dog from Dogs Trust anyday. By improving Lucy's life we have improved our own, and I can't thank Dogs Trust enough for setting me up with a new best friend.