Trinnie from Basildon (Essex)

We spotted Trinnie on the Dogs Trust website after looking for a second Husky to keep my one, Ted company. We have had Huskies for years and knew the breed and what a handful they can be but luckily we already race Ted and wanted to offer another Husky that chance at that life. I first felt really worried that I wouldn't be able to cope or love a second dog as much as my first but all soon changed! After an initial tricky settling in phase Trinnie really settled in well becoming close with Ted and forming a pack relationship. Trinnie is so loving to humans and enjoys nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa which was very unusual as Ted is quite a Lone Ranger. Trinnie now runs in a two and four dog sled team as well as canicross and is doing fantastically well. I couldn't imagine my life without her and was the missing puzzle piece to our family