Hattie from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

We first saw Hattie online after we had just got back from meeting another dog, we had to wait until the weekend to go and meet her and hope noone else got there first! She was so cute and energetic we stayed with her for ages running round in the sun and we knew she was the one, finally! The first day I brought her home she was non stop patrolling but always answered to get a fuss. Since having her for nearly 8 months she has improved in so many ways, from noise sensitivity, no longer guarding the window, getting in the car and being great off lead to invite only on the sofa and learning new tricks! My partner had never had a dog before and we are both so happy and surprised with what a treat Hattie has been to have in our lives, we were prepared for a lot of work but she has been so receptive she obviously just need patience. We always say 'why would anyone give up on her?' and everyone she meets loves her!