Mist from Glasgow

Must , who was called Jake had been unsuccessfully re homed twice and had spent two years with the dogs trust when I went to visit him. I was to find out the issues he had which had caused him difficulty in let's say,,,,, getting on with people and I was then to find out I was going to have my work cut out. The dogs trust had made some roads into helping him and after visiting a little longer than usual, I got to take him home. I won't pretend it was easy. He was a challenge and that was three years ago last month . I had another older dog who sadly died last year who was a great support and influence on Mist who is now a well behaved, happy and wonderful friend. He is now being the same to a wee dog I got from the SPCA who is a scared and frightened lass. I got Mist from Glasgow and I applaud the tireless and committed work they do . We do long distance walking and the Munro's. We wild camp and go away nearly every weekend in my campervan. He had been to many of the islands and ran and played on many beaches and we will continue to do so. I got him when he was 7 and is now 10 but still as fit as a fiddle. On behalf of Mist,, he says hi and three years later, he is doing just grand X :-)