Logan from Darlington

We lost our beloved lab Zak in 2014 and our other dog Archie was pining for him...as were we! We looked at Dogs Trust online and saw Logan. We went to see him and he was beautiful....but scared and nervous! We visited again with Archie and even though they didn't bother with each other, they didn't dislike each other. He came home to live with us 5 days later. He was a difficult dog to have after spending 7 months of his 2 years, in kennels. He couldn't get used to living in a home with the comforts and warmth that comes with it. 2 long walks a day, lots of cuddles and lots of different people entering the family home. He's changed so much in a year, so much calmer, lots of doggy friends and such a happy boy! So happy we chose him!! We lost a beautiful dog when we lost Zak, but Logan has helped heal part of our broken heart!! He's a beauty!! X