Chester (was Clyde) from Nationwide

Back in 2003, several months after the loss of our Chocolate Lab cross, my parents decided the house just wasn't the same without a four legged furry friend, so they took to the Dog Trust website to seek a another dog looking for a loving home. We went through the usual, visits to the home, forms etc. And then the date was set. We were getting a 9 month old yellow Labrador. I remember the day he arrived, I was so excited to get home from school to meet him. He had so much energy. He made a huge impress on me, quickly becoming my best friend. His cuddles were great, so warm and loving. He adored his toys, a squeaky teddy was his favourite. As he got older he'd often wake from a nap with a dry mouth, then looking adoringly at me with his gum stuck up. I'm sure he caught on to the fact we'd all find it hilarious every time it happened, so it started to happen more often. Sadly after 12 lovely years, we lost Chester on the 29th Of October 2015, he is sorely missed and will forever be remembered. I just wanted to share my families story of rescuing from the dogs trust. I hope you all have as great of an experience as we did, and Thank you for reading.