Gary & Juliet from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

I adopted Gary (10-years old with health issues) in May 2014 as a companion for my 14-year black Lab, Cally. Very sadly Cally passed away the day after Gary arrived. Gary was confused and dazed, but with lots of loving care and reassurance his true character soon started to show (he's so laid-back, it's unbelievable). Then in June 2015, Gary and me fostered Juliet, a totally terrified little 2-year-old Beagle cross. As she simply adored Gary, nine-days later we adopted Juliet, who is now so much better and getting more and more confident by the day. It took 5-months before Juliet was ready to go out for a walk and now she can't wait to go, getting really excited and clearly enjoying all the smells with her soul-mate Gary. Quite simply, I wouldn't be without the two of them - they are my world.