Amber and Zak from Canterbury

In September 2010 my husband and I visited the site to register as we had taken the decision to give a dog a home after losing our Springer spaniel 18 months previously. Well we registered, after some thought and discussion went back a week later to find our beloved zak, our german shepherd cross Alaskan malamute, we had him DNA tested !!!! was still there, waiting for his forever home, well we snapped him up immediately it was obviously meant to be, he was, and is, such a puppy, even now five years on he is so loving its hard to imagine never having him. Two years ago we adopted Amber, an Alaskan malamute, who can best be described as a walking teddy bear, she's so loving and a great sister to Zack and for a while all was well. Unfortunately Amber was diagnosed with bone cancer in September, we don't know how much longer we will have her but for now we are taking each day as it comes and giving them both the best life possible. Thanks dogs trust we couldn't have asked for two better dogs.