Woody from Glasgow

We had been thinking about getting another dog after our Labrador passed away in early 2014 and at Christmas that year things just didn't feel the same without a furry friend in the house. We therefore decided on boxing day that we would look into getting a rescue dog and we were matched with Woody. When we first saw Woody our thoughts were "wow, he is big and strong" but he was so happy to meet us and we loved taking him for a walk on our own at the Dogs Trust Centre. We then brought Woody home with us just 5 days later and after just a few days it felt like he had always been living with us. He makes us all so happy with his silly faces and antics and we could not have hoped for a more loving dog. He really is the biggest softy I have ever met. We just love walking him, playing with him and having cuddles, he is great. Thank you Dogs Trust for matching us with our favourite spotty dog and making our house feel complete again!