Rusty (formerly Reilly) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

My husband and I went looking for a new dog after losing our German Shepherd after 8 wonderful years with us. I looked for months at Kenilworth Dogs Trust and met many dogs but none felt quite right ..... That is until I saw Rusty, then called Reilly. He was such an adorable little bundle. From the moment I first picked him up, he pressed his head so affectionately into my chest as though cuddling me back. Since bringing him home he has been the cuddliest, happiest, most affectionate dog I've ever known. We almost didn't have him as when we were due to pick up our quiet, placid, cuddly little bundle we were chatting to the staff about how placid he was when about 5 of them in unison burst out laughing and shrieked, "Reilly?! Placid?!" We have since come to understand their reaction as Rusty is very lively at times but also enjoys his sleep. I can't imagine ever being without him now and he has certainly found his way into our hearts.