Leonard (was jax) from Merseyside (Liverpool)

When me and jack finally got our new home, it didn't feel complete. One day laying in bed i went on dogs trust merseyside to see if there was any dogs needing a home, as soon as we saw Leonard, jack said 'Hes mine, I need him' and off he went the next day 9am sharp! two trains later and he finally got to meet Leonard. They fell in love with each other, i went to meet him the day after and he was just full of so much love and kisses. I knew we had to have him! Leonard has been with us for just under two months now. He tells us when he needs to go outside for the toilet, he knows that 'Shall we put your boots on?' means hes going out to explore the world! Lenny loves making friends at the dog park... But when he tried to make friends with the ducks he realised very quickly that he could not... he did however figure out how much of a good swimmer he is though! Leonard and i wake up at 6am every morning to get ready for a hard days work, he comes to the grooming salon were I work almost every day. he waits patiently for the bus and says hello to everyone when he gets on. His daily duties include, sniffing every bit of hair that hits the floor, greeting everyone and eating a some turkey from my sandwich at dinner time! This is Lennys first christmas and hes in the festive spirit with his christmas hat and scarf wich he loves to wear on our walks. The woman in the chippy always give him a sausage when he goes past, everyone he meets falls in love with him. Thank you for coming into our lives Leonard and thank you dogs trust for giving him to us xxx