SALLY from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

I'd love to thank the man in Kenilworth who matched me with the love of my life - Sally. The moment we were introduced to each other,and it was the first dog showed to us,our eyes locked and i knew i didnt want to and couldnt look any further for those brown eyes were looking at me with sadness and hope. That moment i fell in love and it was decided - Sally was to be my dog. It was 4 years ago exactly December when i brought a year old Sally home. Nervous n very scared she took a long time to come out of her shell. N its been a match made in heaven for i cant find words how much we love each other n how important she is to me. We love our walkes n the longer the better,i love seeing her skipping happily n turning her head back at me smilling. She understand me before i even speak n with no training whatsoever Sally knows whats expected from her. So often i get comments about her mild n proper behaviour n ever so kind nature! She is my light n keeps rescuing me every day. The love we share is special n i love spending time in the company of my dog! Thank you Kenilworth for such a Beauty! Magdalena