Merlot from Basildon (Essex)

Merlot came into my life as Chetto but I have decided to change his name to erase any bad memories from the past. At first he was shy and quiet but he rapidly blossomed to be a very lively and happy boy. He loves nothing more than treats, long walks and cuddling very close to me at night. He truly is perfect, he loves people and other dogs too! I can't wait to spend xmas day with this beautiful little fella cuddling up on the sofa! Thank you all of you at dogs trust you been amazing. I think people should think in adopting a dog instead of buying a puppy. The service is so great with insurance, jabs, health checks, neutered, chipped, collar, lead, food, pet tag registration, food and the list goes on. But most importantly of all you are giving a lovely dog a home. We all deserve second changes in life. And I'm glad Merlot is here with me. He's such a good friend and companion. I love him with all my heart!