Max from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

My partner Sarah and I had been talking about getting a dog for some time, and as she had started working from home we felt that the time was now right. One rainy Sunday afternoon we went to the Kenilworth branch of the Dogs Trust to have a look around, talk to the staff and get a feel for what was involved in rehoming a dog. I like to walk, for exercise and for de-stressing, so I was looking for a walking buddy. I was quite keen on getting a Labrador or something of that sort of size. Max is a Labrador cross who was lying on his bed with his back to us. On the first walk past we barely even noticed him to be honest, but when we walking back towards the exit he came to the window to see us. We liked the look of him straight away and after a chat with a member of staff about us and our situation, and Max's background and his requirements we met him for a walk around the centre. To cut a long story short, Max was perfect. After visiting him again the following Wednesday we took him home on the next Sunday. Max fits in with our life very well, he loves his walks and we love taking him (ok, not so much when it's raining, but that's life), he loves long walks, playing fetch with a tennis ball and he has even become quite a star at the local Parkrun where he runs a 5K with us most Saturday mornings. He loves to run; the only problem is getting him to run at a pace that we can keep up with! Max is a truly fantastic addition to our lives and everywhere we go people comment on how much of a well behaved handsome boy he is. Whether we're playing 'pull the head off my teddy bear so Sarah can sew it back on' or his latest favourite 'fail to guess which hand the treat is in' Max never fails to make us laugh :-) Thank you Dogs Trust for putting us and Max together and for all your help and support. Colin & Sarah (+ Max)