Holly from Darlington

Getting Holly was one of the best things we've done. We went to the centre in December with no preconceptions except we wanted to give a dog a happy home, and a family Christmas. ​The moment we saw her though, dashing to the front of the kennel with her tail wagging, we loved her. She was a staffie and although I wasn't aware of their bad (unfounded) reputation a few comments made me question our choice. My partner luckily had no such concerns, and we brought her home. Holly brings us an unbelievable amount of joy and happiness every single day, whether it's dashing upstairs for her breakfast, almost dying of excitement when we get home or just snuggling up on the sofa for a cuddle. I simply can't imagine life without her. She has gone from strength to strength with a settled home life, and is so fit and healthy. She is settled into a routine and loves nothing more than a walk on the beach or playing with her favourite toys. We can't thank the Dogs Trust enough for the speedy, efficient rehoming process, and for bringing Holly into our lives.