Snow from Darlington

We went to the dogs trust after seeing an advert online to see what was available, we'd saw Snow online so hoped we would get to meet her, On arrival at her cage she was calm and wanted a stroke and we could see she was not coping well with kennel life! :-( We went to the re-homing room and found out her background and took her for a walk, we new straight away she was the dog for us and started the process to bring her home. 1 week later she became a huge part of our lives with her bubbly personality, she took a while to settle in and get used to life with us and her new routine but shes been here for 4 month now and we love her to bits. She has loads of teddies which she plays with and she LOVES balls! shes forever playing with those .... and destroying them! She LOVES digging holes in the garden, but we can forgive her for that as shes so perfect! Snows got two friends (My mam and dads two German shepherds Shay and Purdy) who she loves to go on long walks with and to just go and play! Snows made a massive impact on our family and we would recommend the Dogs Trust to anyone looking to re-home!