Cody (was Gizmo) from Darlington

When we first decided to visit Darlington Dogs Trust we were determined to get a larger size dog such as a lurcher or greyhound. However when we saw a 10 month old jet black Patterdale terrier called Gizmo, who we've since named Cody, our hearts melted. This little guy had previously been rehomed around 5 times, with each family bringing him back saying he was too hyper and too much work. When we first got him, he did run around a lot, he stole shoes (which he still does occasionally), and he jumped on furniture including the tables! However, once he got into our routine which includes 4 hour hikes in the dales, he soon calmed down and is a pleasure to own. He has been hiking to Hadrian's wall, the Lake District, as well as camping in the Yorkshire dales. He pretty much comes everywhere with us. He has been a pleasure to own and is now perfectly behaved in the house. He is incredibly friendly so would be a terrible guard dog!!! A little black terrier was everything we didn't want, but now we can't imagine having anything else.