Hunter from Darlington

The moment we saw Hunter on the Dogs Trust website we knew we had to find out more about him. We went to The Darlington centre to look at him and when we got to his pen we couldn't see him...our hearts dropped and we thought someone else might have already taken him. I called his name thinking it was worth a shot and the most gorgeous little face I have ever seen appeared at the indoor section of his pen, it was love at first sight. We introduced him to our black lab Wilf and they got on brilliantly. From the moment we got him home we haven't looked back, he is the most loyal and loving companion. Him and Wilf are the very best of friends and it feels like he has always been part of our family. I would advise anyone looking to rehome a dog to start their journey at Dogs Trust, the work they do is second to none and they are making such a difference. Hunter had several different homes before we adopted him, at first we questioned why, but once we got him home it was clear that he never settled in his other homes because his fate was to come to us, he just needed us to have some faith and give him lots of love. If you ask me this is a complete success story and we are so glad that Hunter has found his happy ending with us.