Tobias from Darlington

We first saw Tobias when we went just for a look at the dogs, we both fell in love with him but were put off because he was a staffy cross. We went back a few weeks later and as soon as we approached the kennel he ran up to us and dropped the ball for us to play, that was it. We decided right there and then he was ours. We are so glad we made the decision. We have had him for 4 years and he had not only brought us closer together but has helped me cope with my loneliness. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with lymphoma in Feb this year but we decided we didn't matter what the cost we were going to fight for him. He had been having chemotherapy and has been doing brilliantly, he was given only a few months without treatment and here he is 4 months later loving life. We recently took him to Cornwall and he enjoyed it do much he cried on returning home.