Ollie from Bridgend (Wales)

When we first seen Ollie on the dogs trust website he was advertised as a 6-12 month old pup which is what we were looking for. We planned a visit and found out he was actually 2 1/2! We went and visited him and instantly fell in love with him! Now nearly a year on he's the happiest, most loving and naughty dog all in one! He loves taking up all the space in bed, chewing shoes, jumping in the bath before you if you don't close the door while it's running, chewing plastic bottles and chasing his 15 year old Jack Russell friend called Spud! He loves the beach and can't get enough of swimming in the sea! Ollie is the most pampered dog I know, he loves having a bath and being groomed! He's always got a smile on his face and I'm so glad we chose to bring him home. He's now a huge part of our family and we wouldn't change him for the world. Well maybe Id like more space in bed but that will be all!