Roxy from Merseyside (Liverpool)

We first saw Roxy on Christmas eve 2009 as we took food and treats up to the centre. We already had a labrador so we discussed getting another one over the Christmas period. After new year we went back to the centre and enquired about Roxy. We walked her round the centre and brought our labrador Sam to meet her. They seemed to like each other and gave each other space. Within a couple of weeks we were at the centre picking Roxy up. As soon as we got her home she made herself comfy on her bed. We did have a few teething issues as she would be abit off with Sam at times but with abit of patience and with the help of the training advisor we got there and they are were best of friends. She's not your typical labrador, doesnt retrieve toys, prefers a paddle to a swim but she is perfect to us. Roxy is now approximately 8-9 years old and now has another doggy sister jess who is a terrier crossbreed and she also has a little human sister who is 8 months old. Roxy likes to sit by the pram. Although her joints arnt as good as they were she enjoys playing with her 2 doggy siblings, they love the woods, going to the beach and the marina and they all go to hydrotherapy which really helps her. Roxy was nicknamed crazy lady by dogs trust staff and we could see why haha but now she is getting older she has mellowed out, although still crazy at times. We can't thank dogs trust enough for looking after her until we found her.