Mist from Glasgow

When I lost my old boy Sweep, Shadow, my other dog and myself desperately missed him. I began to look on the Dogs Trust website and Jake (his name there) just seemed to be still there when others would come and go. I eventually called to find that he had been unsuccessfully re homed twice, he also had been there for 2 years ( a long time!) and I was to soon discover, he had some issues! Anyway,, several visits over a few weeks and home he came. It took some time, patience and Shadow's calming influence before Mist slowly began to realise that going completely bonkers and behaving like some out of control mad dog,,, was not in his interests! Shadow got the treats from other dog walkers, Shadow got the pets and attention from them too. Shadow got the treats from other Hillwalkers on the Munros I took them and Mist soon realised that there was no benefit to being an angry dog. He was supported and gained much confidence from Shadows's influence and is now a grounded, lovely, playful dog. Shadow passed away a few months ago and there was a great gap in our lives. It was Mist's turn to welcome a very scared, timid unsocialised young dog into the fold that came from another rescue organisation. We go hillwalking and bag Munro's. Mist still manages wonderfully and if he could speak I think he would say he is happy here. Mist was 7 when I got him. He is fit and healthy and I would absolutely recommend that people consider an older boy/girl. OK, Mist took time with his behaviour issues but he has been oh so worth it and I have also learned so much from him.