Oscar (previously Nando) from Leeds

We got Oscar (previously Nando) from the Dogs Trust in Leeds back in August 2012. He completed our little family. He is the most loving, funniest adorable boy. He only has 3 legs due to being found with a badly broken front right paw. It doesn't hinder him at all. He loves longs walks, going for runs with his Mums... He also like his chill time! He LOVES his bed and can be the laziest dog in the world at times. He is adored by all our family and friends. When you are out walking Oscar, it's like being out with a celebrity with the amount of attention he gets. He enjoys tuna fish and always gets treated by his Mums. He rules the roost in out home. He's definitely the Gaff! We wouldn't be without him. We love him to the moon and back.