Meg and Tess from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

We were so lucky to be able to adopt both Meg and Tess (late middle aged Border Collies) They arrived at The Dogs Trust together following the death of their owner, and Kenilworth were finding it hard to re-home the two of them together. We arrived at Kenilworth straight off the plane from New Zealand last August and met the girls, complete with jet-lag It was love at first sight!! We went a couple of times over the next week to get to know them and have some play time, then when all the paperwork was okayed we got to bring them home. They have been amazing. Their previous owner must have loved them so much, they are kind, gentle, know lots of commands and are eager to learn. Having now learned their personalities we are so delighted to have kept them together. Meg (larger dog) is confident and a little obsessed with her ball. Tess (smaller dog) looks to Meg for support, guidance and re-assurance. They have made our house a home again, their unconditional love, wagging tails and cheeky "woowoo" happy howling is a joy to encounter every day. Thankyou Dogs Trust for looking after them until they found their forever home with us. Love Annie, Graeme, Meg & Tess