Jock & Milo from Merseyside (Liverpool)

In March 2007 I went to Dogs Trust Merseyside. My last dog had passed away the year before, and I wanted to get another because the house felt empty without her. When we walked round the kennels there were two dogs in one kennel. The smaller one was sat with his back to the bars, totally disinterested, and the bigger dog was jumping around crazy. He was so happy to see people! I fell in love with them both on sight. The little one was Jock. My quiet man, with his little corgi like legs, ever so gentle, and always up for a cuddle. The larger one is Milo. The loud one of the pair. Always diving about, ready to give licks, loving his walks. They had come in together, and the centre thought they would need to split them up because of their size. I took them both. They were a team, relied upon each other, always together. We lost jock in October 2014. He was 14 years old. He was very poorly (a little doggie dementia, and cancer) and we decided it was not fair to let him carry on. Milo misses him, but he's coping, he goes out with other dogs, still jumps about, but now he wants all the cuddles. Would never change my two dogs trust dogs, they're my life.