Dodger, Patch & Lily-Bean from Glasgow

Dodger and Rosie were hiding at the back of their kennel in their crate. As soon as they stuck their little heads out I knew they were the dogs for me. They had been brought over from Ireland with a number of other little dogs, rescued from a hoarding situation. Sadly we lost Rosie after a year due to her ongoing health issues. I started to look for a companion for Dodger and as fate would have it, Patch & Lily, her chums from Ireland, were available for rehoming. It was meant to be, it was clear that they remembered each other even though they'd been apart for over a year. They are the best of friends and make me smile every day. Dodger loves walks on the beach and rolling in smelly things. Patch loves playing with his treat ball. And Lily is happy doing anything that involves naps or snacks :)