nina from Darlington

We got Nina from dogs trust Darlington when I was only 7. I remember when I first saw her she had climb up her cage door and I knew then she was ours. She was the sweetest and calmest dog, even when our next door neighbours toddle out his mouth round her nose (by accident) she just sat there. she wouldn't hurt a fly but protected those she thought needed it by sitting in front of them. for nearly 18 years I grew up with Nina, I shared everything with her, she was my best friend, my sister. She loved to play, anything she used to chase shadows and would sit in front of the light until someone played with shadows, she didn't like water too much but loved the hose. She used to wipe her feet when she came in from being outside. When we came to making the difficult choice of letting Nina go to sleep for the final time it was the hardest thing I had to do, to watch my best friend go to sleep and not wake up again broke me and to this day I think about her all the time. Best thing we ever did was get a rescue dog, my childhood would not of been the same. xxxxxxx