Dewi from Evesham (Worcestershire)

We were driving back from Wales when I spotted Dewi online & forced Owain to leave the M1 to say hello. It was love at first sight - despite him stealing a box of surgical gloves and retreating under the table to systematically destroy each one! After another three visits (no mean feat from Yorkshire) to see the behaviourist etc. we finally got to take him home on the 12th March. We could not believe how quickly he settled in - within a week he had learnt every command I could think of in English and in Welsh, and it was just 10 days before he was zooming about on the beach with his favourite football, off the lead for the first time since he arrived at Dogs Trust in December, and possibly quite a lot longer as he came from Ireland. When I first registered at Dogs Trust I wrote that I wanted a dog who could come on long walks and then sit quietly in the pub, and Dewi has exceeded every expectation there. The longest he's done so far has been 20 miles, and he was ready to go again after the pub! He's a firm favourite at our local and sits perfectly under the table for as long as we like. He had huge problems with pulling on the lead, to the point where he arrived with a very sore eye from all the strain, and we are still working on that. Around our cul de sac he is perfect but traffic still worries him a little. He improves every day, so it won't be long. He started weekly agility classes two months ago and in true Dewi style has mastered the lot and is training for competitions in the autumn - he loves to learn and has plenty of energy to burn off. We cannot thank Evesham enough for matching us up, we love our Duracell dog and he loves us (especially on a Sunday morning when he's allowed in our bed!!)