Dogs Trust

Oona from Shoreham (Sussex)

We first saw Oona on a picture on the wall at the rehoming centre when we stopped off to stretch our legs after being stuck in a giant traffic jam. She looked very scruffy after having all her matted hair cut off from when she was originally rescued in Ireland after having at least one litter. We enquired about her and we soon found ourselves walking a long the beach with what seemed then a very nervous dog. She met our teenage sons and our other two springers the next week. We all fell in love with her. It took a bit of time for her to settle in she was scared of everything, she seemed to rely a lot on Noah who is now her best friend and playmate. She would constantly look to him for reassurance and was never far behind him. She remains nervous of anything with a long handle ie brooms but she has come a long way from when she slept on the mat by the front door and really didn't like anything in our house. She is now a confident loving affectionate dog who is always first in line for a cuddle, or to get the best position on our bed. She has become Noah's ears and he's usually to be found following her these days. She loves all our walks especially jumping the waves at the beach, swimming in the dew pond and chasing the rabbits and birds in the woods. Its lovely to see the difference in her from when we rehomed her two years ago.