Lena from Canterbury

We had originally gone to look at a different dog at the Canterbury dogs trust, but when we spoke to staff, she was not suitable for our circumstances. The staff then introduced us to Lena. She was sitting quietly in her kennel with a rather bouncy staffie. Our first thought was we must take her home. After several muddy walks and nine days later, we did. Lena has had a huge impact on our lives and is settling in wonderfully. She is brilliant around the house, loving and affectionate. Her walks along the beach and playing fetch with her ball are absolutely her favourite activities as well as pouncing on a few pebbles along the way. In the evening, she loves to snuggle up on the sofa for lots of fuss and cuddles. Lena is loved by all she meets and always excited with wagging tail to say hello. Thank you to the dogs Trust for helping us find our lovely Lena, we are proud, and privileged to provide her with her forever home.