Charlie from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

This young man must have come from heaven because he has cured my depression after the loss of my 16 year long life companion Lassie. He is so kind, affectionate, follows me everywhere and showers me with kisses at every opportunity. Charlie is very good at home and does not snatch his food but adores cuddle time. My neighbours have commented that he is identical in temperament to my previous dog Lassie and acts exactly the same. The only downside is that Charlie does not like large black dogs. I would say that Charlie was never given any love , kindness or attention in the past. He adores me and I must say that "he has saved my life". God bless all the staff at the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth. Charlie is an older dog so all you people out there open your hearts and make our older best friends happy. You will never regret it.