Cookie from Harefield (West London)

I first went to Harefield dogs trust with a friend (no intention to get a dog myself as I live with my parents and we already had 4) We looked at these collie puppies and I fell in love with LALA straight away. We got a chance to have a cuddle and a play. We bonded instantly. I some how reserved her till the end of the week. All week my parents said no more dogs. I went back to see her everyday and knew I had to home her. Eventually my parents met her and gave in :-) this was my 21st birthday present and the best present I have ever had. we introduced her to all our other dogs and all went well, I took her home at 8 weeks. I re:named her Cookie, She had been the best thing I have ever had. She's my baby. She is so loving and gentle. She loves beings around others and enjoys cuddles. She goes for 2 walks a day and does not leave my side. She's spoilt rotten and totally deserves it. She loves swimming, which we take her to dipping dogs in Uxbridge. Loves playing with the ball and enjoys being with children. She comes every where with me and she's my best friend. I would truly like to thank dogs trust for introducing us. She used to go to agility classes as very active. She has also won competitions for prettiest 'bitch' and best behaved dog. She attends the dogs trust summer fair each year and hopefully may enter another competition this year. She makes each day complete.