Rex from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

In January 2014 I went down to my local Dog's Trust just to say hello to people tell them about my latest bike ride which was in July . I had no intention of having another dog as when mine died in May 2013 it was the worse day of my life. Whilst I was at the centre I saw Rex he had been at the centre for 3 years and when I read about him I just broke down, I knew all this dog wanted was a chance and when I met him and was even told about his history I just knew he was the dog for me. So in February this year Rex came to his forever home. I can’t tell you how happy I am with him. He is just so funny. At first he didn't like the car as in traveling in it but now, as soon as you pick up your car keys he is waiting by the door. Rex has just changed his life around so much he walks off the lead and makes friends with other dogs. the funniest thing is when he goes bed at night he will jump on the bed and pretends be asleep as you can see him looking at you for a brief second, you try and moves him and he just gets so grumpy it really is a funny sight to see. The only thing we don’t do together is he can’t come work with me but if there was a way I would love him to come. He has become a bit of a star; He has been in both local papers, posed for photos for my friend’s photography business and even had his own slot on one of the local radio stations. Without him my life would be so empty, he really is a special friend to me.