Lily and Memphis from Harefield (West London)

The Macaulay-Brown's adopted Lily back in October 2012, and Memphis back in July 2014 - both from Harefield. They have both grown incredibly fond of one another and it's like they've always known each other. We think that their coats both complement one another too! When we first saw Lily, Lily had already had puppies and was only just over a year old herself when she had them. She was incredibly shy when we first got her, but now she rules the household! Memphis was incredibly nervous and is still going through a bit of training, but he's gradually starting to gain confidence and is now jumping, wagging his tail and playing with toys, which he wasn't doing when we first got him! He absolutely adores Lily and jumps like a kangaroo when it's foodies time! They both belong to myself (Lydia) and my family. I now work at head office as a customer services agent! Lydia's mum looks after them during the week, and I take over over the weekend on 'walkies patrol'. They absolutely love going for walks across the fields behind our house. Here's a video of them both on walkies below: