DAISY from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

When we saw Daisy it was love at first sight; she looked so small and pretty we just wanted to hug her and take her home. She has fitted into our lives so well. Daisy love everyone and everyone loves her; she just pure joy to be around. She's a very clever little dog who has transformed our lives. We have gone from being couch potatoes to walking 5 miles a day. I now love our daily walks accross the fields. She loves playing with her toys, although she hasn't quite got the hang of fetch. She thinks we play it by her taking her toys up the garden and me fetching them back. She also has a facination with my boots; she buries them up the garden if I don't catch her first. I am so thankful to the Dogs Trust for introducing Daisy to us and I give thanks every day that she is part of our lives.