Tye from Evesham (Worcestershire)

We went to the Dog's Trust centre to look into re-homing a dog and get some advice. One of the first dogs we came across was Tye, On our first meeting my husband asked him to sit for a treat and he did. That was it for us! Each consecutive meeting he was incredibly affectionate and friendly. We were told that Tye was a 9 year old German Shepherd cross Labrador who came to the centre following his previous owner becoming unwell. Tye was highly anxious, not coping in kennels and did not like other dogs. We were told that he barked a lot at everyone, but whenever we were near him he was quiet and engaged. On taking him home we discovered how obedient he is and that he was still house trained. It took us some time, but with lots of TLC and attending an amazing dog training class once a week we have a much calmer dog who is beginning to socialise better with other animals and maintain a good weight. Tye has got us out of the house daily, exercising better and enjoying the simple life. Tye Loves the ball (especially find the ball) and cuddles. Despite his age (10) he is very fit and active, although he can be a bit grumpy when around hyperactive younger dogs. He is an amazing dog and we are grateful he picked us. We wouldn't be without him. He is loved not only by us and our extended family and friends also. We were really impressed by the Staff at the Dog's Trust Evesham with how helpful and encouraging they were. The adoption class, 1-1 training session and information pack were so useful and really helped us in the first few weeks of bring Tye home. Thank you. Sarah and James.