Bonnie & Lizzie from Merseyside (Liverpool)

We got Lizzie first in April 2013, I had not long lost my previous boy Eddie to cancer and I was heartbroken and the house seemed so empty. We saw Lizzie and went to see her, she had this laid back, knowing look in her gorgeous brown eyes, she was known as 'Big Liz' and had a beautiful coat, we fell in love with her, we are her fourth family and we will be her last. Bonnie (smaller dog in photo) bounced in to our lives in Oct 2013.. she wasn't taking to kennel life very well, we had gone to see another dog but unfortunately wasn't suitable as it didn't like cats.. we were called back and asked if we would meet her... she was a bundle of energy, totally opposite to Lizzie and the complimented each other very well. They both love water and going the beach, paddling in streams.. They are fantastic members of our family .. with Archie & Cara the cats too.