Doolan formerly Paprika from Snetterton (Norfolk)

Doolan is my 3rd Dog's Trust dog- I went with my youngest daughter and we were looking for a dog which could live with cats....unfortunately the two we picked out could not do we were offered the last puppy, who we would be able to ensure settled in with the cats.....we said yes before we even saw him! We think he is a collie cross lurcher, and the cats rule the roost! He really missed my older cat Duke when he died suddenly earlier this year. Doolan came to live with us just before my marriage ended and he was just the right sort of cheerful company to get myself and the children through that upheaval. Doolan spends most of his walks off-lead running and fetching a ball or stick. He loves going to the beach, or woods, and loves going out in the car and travelling. I always start by taking a dog in the car on shopping trips, so they aren't left for too long to start with: Doolan likes to lie down in his car harness on the back seat, with his head in someone's lap if he can!