May from Bridgend (Wales)

We saw may just 2 weeks after our eldest dog passed away. We had no intention of getting another dog but when we saw her, we knew we had to help. Being a shar pei meant she had a number of health issues and was also 8 1/2yrs old. We knew her chances of finding a home were slim. We had experience of shar peis and i work in a veterinary practice so it seemed fate had stepped in. We were told she was wary of people and especially around dogs but her intro to our other dog henry went well. So now May is approaching her 11th birthday! Which is rare for the breed but her health conditions are very well managed so much so you wouldn't know she had any. She is such a sweet girl, loves the walks in field our cottage backs onto, enjoys a cwtch and primarily eats and sleeps most of the day. We don't expect too much from her now that she's an old lady but she's happy and content and that's all we wanted for her. We couldn't bear the thought of her staying at and centre no matter how great they are, it's not a family home. We just wanted her to end her days in a loving family environment, relaxing in the countryside and soaking up the sun.