Mylo (was Ozzy) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

After months of searching for our very first dog we found Mylo at Dogs Trust Kenilworth. We had missed out on 3 others by literally a few minutes as they had already been reserved (including Bobby whose story is on here - its nice to see he went to a loving family, The Grahams). Anyway, I happened to be working in the area & popped in to see David who had been looking after us during each of our visits & knew what breed & character we were looking for. He immediately said to me 'I've got just the boy for you' & took me to see Mylo who was still being assessed. You know that expression 'love at first sight' - well it certainly worked on me! David brought Mylo out to the meet & greet area & our bond was formed. I called my husband to let him know that I had reserved Mylo & we came back the next day to see him. Several visits later & we eventually brought him home. We decided to change his name straight away & he responded within a few hours! That was January 2012 & now, nearly 2 years later I can't imagine our life without him. He is an absolute joy & is a very clever little chap. We have been to several training classes & he loves nothing more than playing with his ball & scent work. He gets 3-4 walks a day & loves to play with his doggy pals & run around the woods. I've since found out he came from Ireland & was rescued from the pound. We've also done a DNA test & discovered he is a terrier x border collie. He is a very spoilt boy who we love very much so a massive thank you to Dogfs Trust Kenilworth from the Wills family.