Tye from West Calder (Edinburgh)

I had always heard that your dog chooses you as much as you choose them. I wasn't sure that I believed this as I walked around West Calder centre already welling up as I knew I couldn't offer them all a home. However, everything changed the minute I saw Tye. I had originally gone to the centre looking for a young dog from a larger breed, such as a lab, as that was what I'd grown up with. Yet I found myself fall instantly in love with a 6 year old staffie cross (goodness knows what with) who flung himself against his kennel to get as close as possible. The details of his background were sketchy but he had issues with his neck being touched unexpectedly and was terrified of men and newspapers but he was full of character and so affectionate. Tye is now 13 and deaf, with a penchant for barking too much that has developed as his hearing has declined. As I type this he is building himself a nest in the washing pile and would sooner play tug with a newspaper than cower. He will cuddle anyone who will have him and his greying face is so full of character. I love watching him charge across the beach (pictured) or catching splashes. My world truly is better because of him.