Punch from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

Back in 2010, my partner and I decided that we'd love to rehome a dog. However we both worked full time back then, and we were unsure if we'd be able to. We contacted Dogs Trust and asked about rehoming, and were happy to be told it wouldn't be a barrier to having the right dog. So we started looking though the website and made a shortlist of dogs, based on it's character (needed to be ok in the house while we were out at work, housetrained, etc..) colour/age/size weren't really important. We arrived at the centre (known as Roden back in 2010, now Shrewsbury) and had a long chat with the dog behaviourist, which narrowed our list further to 2 dogs. A lovely black greyhound called Gordon (ultimately not for us as he was scared of stairs), and a 6 year old black and tan xbreed (lab x gsd) called Punch, who was simply described as 'a sweet boy'. The minute we saw him, we loved him, he sat quietly but proudly in his kennel, and was so handsome! A walk and a play in the paddock with him and we were hooked. So a long and fretful week ensued while we waited for the homecheck (we were convinced soneone else would pinch him, even though we had reserved him!) On the day we collected him, it was quite emotional. The staff were happy he was going to a new home, but were visibly upset to be saying goodbye. He looked delighted when he saw his new garden and was soon making himself very much at home. Over the next weeks and months, he really developed his bond with us (although within days I couldn't imagine him with anyone but us) Since then we've shared holidays, lazy garden days, cosy evenings, long walks, and he's been a loving and constant companion. Our son was born in 2011, and the two of them are inseparable friends, even more so since our boy learned how to throw a tennis ball! Rehoming our 'Punchy Boy' was the best decision ever. He's 11 years young now, big puppy at heart, and fingers crossed we have many years of his company to come.