Millie & Mylo from Glasgow

After our first dog died unexpectedly we went to Dog's Trust Glasgow in the hopes of adopting a lurcher. On that visit there were no lurchers but rather one tiny little Jack Russell pup who stole our hearts. The night before we were due to collect him the centre called to say that they had discovered he was deaf and to to find out if we still wanted to adopt him. Hearing that made his history make sense - given up at 6months because he was unruly and unmanageable. We had great fun teaching him sign language and once he realised we could communicate with him he came on leaps and bounds with his training. We decided that we wanted a hearing companion for Mylo so returned to the glasgow centre in search of a lurcher again. Just after our third visit we got a call to let us know that a litter of lurcher pups were coming in. We couldn't wait to get to the centre and made our way straight there. We knew straight away which of the six we wanted, a lovely quiet, scruffy wee girl that we called. They are the best of friends and wouldn't be without one another.