Daisy Duke (Ginny) from Snetterton (Norfolk)

I adopted Daisy Duke in 2011, she was brought over from Ireland to Snetterton after being found roaming the streets. The staff named her Ginny but she didn't really respond to her name so I changed it to Daisy Duke due to her incredibly long legs. I had walked around the centre a few times but there were no dogs that the staff thought were suitable for my then two year old daughter to be around. Then they called out a dog that had been round the back, watching the staff work. As soon as our eyes met I knew she was the dog for me and after numerous visits to check for compatibility with my toddler she arrived home. She was very much loved and gave me so much emotionally. She taught me so much in the few short years we spent together. Tragically, our time together was too short as she became very ill at the end of last year and had to be put to sleep last December. Our last days together were incredibly close, we both knew she was dying and neither of us wanted to be parted but we knew the time had come. I miss her every day but thank Dogs Trust for the gift of my beautiful Daisy Dukey Dog <3