Donny and Boycie from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

We got Donny, a collie cross (known a Don then) just under three years ago. He was hidden away in his kennel and we only saw the back on his head but knew we wanted to meet him. He had been a stray shipped over from Ireland and what's more had bad cataracts meaning he only has about 10%vision. It has been a privilege to help him go from fearful stray to a more confident loving pooch. A year after rehoming Donny we decided we wanted a companion for him and after many visits we found Boycie, a rather overweight and unfit pug cross! We have loved developing his fitness and helping him control his behaviour and although him and Donny are polar opposites, they complement each other perfectly and are often found snuggled up together. Wouldn't be without them!