Jake from Canterbury

The first time I saw jake, well I fell in love with him and was upset at the thought of him being rehomed by the couple whom were walking him around the grounds of the centre and thankfully they decided not to rehome jake due to him not being active enough. My partner and I decided to take jake for a walk and the bond was made. We saw Jake on a Saturday afternoon and he was home with us the following Wednesday. Jake makes our family complete and he certainly has his paws firmly under the table and that's where they're staying. He has extremely funny moments especially when he hears his lead come out the cupboard, he practically somersaults to the front door. We get stopped wherever we go walking and everyone wants to know his story and people cannot believe how Jake came to be at the dogs trust. I give thanks to the dogs trust for taking care of Jake, he is a lovely, gentle and loyal little dog and we wouldn't want to be without him xxx