Cosmo (aka Steven) from Harefield (West London)

Dear Dogs Trust We met Cosmo (you know him as Steven) at the Harefiled centre in early December 2013 and fell in love with him instantly. He was so eager to get out and play and just show us the grounds. We successfully completed the adoption process in early January 2014 when Cosmo joined us at home. Let us tell you: it has been (and still is) an amazing adventure and such a rewarding experience seeing him grow into his own, discovering his character and sharing life with him in general! We feel we are maturing also as his 'adoptive' parents and are finding our bond with him becoming stronger. Cosmo LOVES running and a few months ago we successfully let him off the leash and...he answered to recall (being a husky his nature is just to run until he has breath left!)!! We haven't looked back since and now, I especially enjoy running with him in our local marshes where he runs free and looks so happy. But what Cosmo LOVES EVEN MORE is going to the park where he meets and plays with his dog-mates! Living with Cosmo is not without its challenges (he is very cheeky and requires a lot of attention) but we could never go back and can't think of life without him... Thank you for allowing us to give him a home and for the amzing work you do daily for all Dogs Trust dogs.