Rizla from Darlington

We adopted Rizla when he was a 9 month old, bouncing, puppy. My husband spotted him first, he was the goofiest looking dog in his kennel, all legs and a gaze that melted our hearts! We all had a lot to learn, Rizla hated being alone, we couldn't even leave him for 5 minutes without a mess. We all worked very hard to get passed this bump. 2 years of hikes, cuddles and love passed in the blink of an eye. Then came an opportunity of a lifetime for my husband and I, a chance to live and work in Canada. It was with heavy hearts we set sail without our faithful pup, he stayed with family while we figured out the road ahead. My sister in law became very attached to him and asked to make him hers, we agreed, how could we not, they were a perfect match! Then along came a baby! Rizla didn't cope too well with the new addition, my sister in law was ready to give up on him, Rizla needs a firm hand, her hands were just too busy with a very fussy baby, so she called us. We had just found out we were staying in Canada for good, we had just put an offer in on a house ... Wouldn't the garden be perfect for a dog?! We got Rizla a passport and booked him a flight, no way was my pup going back to a rehoming centre! He arrived in Canada on a wet October day, he'd had a long flight and we were concerned he wouldn't know who we were, we hadn't seen him for 3 years! There was no need to worry, he heard our voices and as soon as we released him from his crate he was our dog again! It was a very emotional reunion, we headed to the nearest beach for a swim and a bit of a clean up, then it was home for a proper bath and some serious catching up! He is now a 10 year old, bouncing, gentleman! He loves his Canadian sister, whom we adopted to keep Rizla company as he still doesn't love being alone! He is adapting fantastically to a baby in the house too, Rizla is certainly a big hit with our son! He's met lots of wildlife, he's chased bears and raccoons, and gazed longingly at elk herds! His absolute favourite things about Canada have to be chasing deer and leaping into lakes!